European Champions Cup 2017: Day 4

On day four of the ECC, next to the semi-finals, two relegation games were played. A.S.D. Rimini Pirates was too strong for the Mainz Athletics and Rouen Huskies crushed the Regensburg Legionaere in a 4.5 innings mercy rule shortened game.

A.S.D. Rimini Pirates  13  –  8  Mainz Athletics
Rimini took a big lead in the first inning and it looked like it would be a mercy rule shortened game, but the Athletics came back in the next inning. Despite a six-run first inning, Rimini could not keep Mainz at bay in the first four innings. Until the second half of the fifth inning, the Athletics could keep pace rather well but then Rimini stepped on it and walked away with a three-run fifth inning and a two-run eighth inning. Eventually, Mainz scored one more run in the top of the eighth to reach the final score of 13-8.
Rimini used three pitchers. Carlos Richetti pitched only 3.2 innings in which he gave up six runs (three earned) on six hits. Jose Escalona also lasted 3.2 innings as he allowed two runs on two hits and eight (!) walks. Nicola Garbella was the only Italian pitcher to have a scoreless effort in 1.2 innings.


Escalona earned the win as Jeff Hunt took the loss after three innings in which he allowed eight runs on six hits and eight walks.
Best hitter for A.S.D. Rimini Pirates was Lorenzo Di Fabio, who went 3 for 4 with two RBI and a run scored.

Thanks to the loss, Mainz has to play tomorrow’s relegation game.

Rouen Huskies  18  –  2  Regensburg Legionaere
In the game between the French champion and last season’s German runner-up, Regensburg was no match for Rouen. The French needed five innings to seal the fate of the young German team.  A lack of pitching and a lack of hitting cost Regensburg the game.  Rouen took a 4-0 lead on a grand slam homerun by Gabriel Fromental. But Regensburg cut the French lead in half as they scored two runs in the top of the second inning when Kevin Vance scored on a single by Jannis Muschik. Elias Von Garssen could score on a wild pitch. But from there the gas was out of the tank. In the remainder of the game, Regensburg collected just one more hit.


An eight-run second inning, a one-run third and a five-run fourth sealed the fate for Regensburg after 4.5 innings.
Leonel Cespedes earned the win. In five innings he gave up two runs on three hits, walked seven and fanned six. Eric Faint took the loss. In just 1.1 innings he allowed ten runs (eight earned) on five hits and four walks.
Best hitter for Rouen was Osacar Combes, who went 3 for 3 with a double, a RBI and two runs scored. Most impact for Rouen had Gabriel Fromental with six runs batted in.

Thanks to the loss, Regensburg must face Mainz in the relegation game tomorrow so Germany will lose one spot in the ECC next year.


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