AAA baseball to San Antonio in 2019

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor San Antonio Missions baseball

With 112 seasons of play in the Alamo City, the AA San Antonio Missions announced today the team will move up to AAA ball in 2019. The owner of the team, the Elmore Sports Group is thrilled to see their AA team move up from the Texas League to the Pacific Coast League.

Missions president Burl Yarbrough is thrilled to face a lot of new teams in 2019. Teams like Las Vegas, Memphis, New Orleans and Salt Lake City to name a few.

For the time being, the Missions will continue to play the home games at Nelson Wolff Stadium. With a current capacity of 9,200, the stadium comes close to the minimum capacity of 10,000 AAA stadiums are obliged to have.

With all the assumptions about a possible move of the Colorado SkySox to San Antonio, this move doesn’t really come as a surprise. The Elway Sports Group is forced to move the AA team fom San Antonio to another town.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg congratulated the San Antonio Missions for advancing to Triple-A.  “San Antonio has a long and rich history, and this move takes us to the next level. We have a good relationship with the Missions owner, the Elmore Sports Group, and have had discussions with them about bringing a Triple-A team to San Antonio. We understand that Wolff Stadium has been approved for Triple-A play in the short run. As far as any new stadium is concerned, the Elmore Sports Group has not yet presented the City with a stadium development plan that includes a private investment team, nor has a specific site been selected for a new stadium development. Until we see all of that, I have no further comment. We look forward to hearing more about their plans in the near future.”

Branch B. Rickey, President of the PCL, further added: “To anticipate bringing the highest classification of minor league baseball to San Antonio recognizes the Elmore Sports Group’s and the PCL’s convictions that Triple-A Baseball is seen as a natural fit here. And to build on the team’s already high standing in this market will give the new Missions and new venture even greater credibility. In recent years our League has had remarkable success in working with municipal officials and civic leaders to spark revitalization and new development in quite a number of other cities. The success of these other projects prompts natural speculation and confidence that something similar can and will happen in this city.”

Normally a move like this would have some consequences as the Elmore Sports Group already owns a team in the PCL and it is not allowed to own two teams in the same league. But the press release also stated that the current AA franchise will move to Amarillo Texas as it will keep playing in the Texas League. This can only mean the AAA franchise of the Elmore Sports Group will be moved from Colorado Springs to San Antonio.

As a little consolation, affiliated ball will stay in Colorado Springs as the Elmore Sports Group will move its Advanced Rookie-level team from the Pioneer League, the Helena Brewers from Montana to Colorado Springs, the website of the Colorado Springs SkySox announced today.

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