Haarlem Baseball Week will return in 2018

The Haarlem Baseball Week will return for the 2018 edition. The task force that was installed to investigate the possibilities of a restart of the bi-annual baseball event has announced the preparations for the 29th edition can start. The tournament is now scheduled from July 13 through Sunday, July 22nd, 2018. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Honkbalweek haarlemAccording to former director sports service of the province of Northern Holland, Henk Uildriks, is very glad about the outcome of the investigation. “We have made a very conservative preliminary budget of €600,000 of which we need to realize about €70,000 of commercial income or discounts from our suppliers”, Uildriks stated. The crowd funding brought in €5,500. “With a year to go, the amount of €70,000 should not be a problem”.

According to Uildriks, several sponsors have promised an amount of €100,000 and the city of Haarlem will give two subsidies of €60,000 each. Due to the promises and subsidies in the offing, the task force thinks it is possible to organize two more editions after the one of 2018. 

A crowded house during one of the previous editions

There must be a tournament organized every year with team Kingdom of the Netherlands as one of the participants, according to the task force. So in the odd years, the World Port Tournament in Rotterdam and during the even years the Haarlem Baseball Week. The task force is targeting participants that are ranked high in the world ranking of the WBSC. Teams like USA, Japan (Yomiuri Giants are optional), Cuba, Puerto Rico, Italy, Taiwan, Curaçao and Australia. It is important that all teams can play enough games. If the organizing committee can manage to sign the Yomiuri Giants it would be something unique. The Yomiuri Giants are one of the biggest professional baseball organizations that can be compared with an MLB club. If the Giants can be signed they will draw a big crowd for sure. Of course it will be highly unlikely the club will send its NPB team. If a delegation will come to Haarlem, it will likely contain players from the club’s farm team.



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