Latin-themed day at L&D Amsterdam Pirates

On Saturday, July 15, L&D Amsterdam Pirates will organize a Latin-themed day. During the game vs rival Curaçao Neptunus, named El Clasico Holandès, several events will be organized on and around the baseball diamond.

This Latin Day is the brainchild of Ivan Rodriguez Rodriguez, former manager of HCAW, Regensburg Legionäre and coach of several Dutch national youth teams.
Ivan wants to show Latin baseball to the Dutch baseball fans. When he came up with the idea, the board of L&D Amsterdam Pirates immediately approved it.

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Next to between inning entertainment, former players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates are invited to join this day. So if you know some former players of Pirates and you know their e-mail address, please let Ivan know.  Youth players can also bring their friends so they can be introduced to the game. Ivan is getting a lot of help of several volunteers.

There will be plenty of (tropical) food provided by Tia Mona Venezuelan catering and drinks provided by the Cocktail Girls, a bunch of Brazilian ladies. There will also be a ceremonial first pitch, but it is not known yet who will be the person to throw it out. Another nice event (for the female baseball fans) will be a Zumba workshop given by Liana Ararieta & Josery Petit.

Believe it or not, but the admission to the ballpark will be free.

This isn’t the first time a Dutch baseball club is organizing an event like this. Last year, De Glaskoning Twins organized several themed days like Mother’s Day, Tesla Day and Japan Day. Also, Curaçao Neptunus has organized an annual, so-called, party game in the past few years.

This Latin Day will not be the last themed day organized by L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Ivan. In the remainder of the season, the Latin Day will return two more times but next to this day, there will also be four other themed days organized.  So in the remainder of the season, there is plenty to see and to do at the ballpark of L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Certainly, it is worth to pay the ballpark a visit.


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