Gwinnett Braves unveil name-the-team-finalists

The G-Braves, AAA farm team of the Atlanta namesake in the International League, asked their fans to enter names in a name-the-team-contest from May 22 through June 2 in an attempt to get a new name with a tie to the area. In the time span 4,024 entries and 900 different names were entered. Today the club unveiled the six best names the fans can choose from.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gwinnett braves
The logo of the G-Braves that will be replaced

A committee that included members of the Gwinnett Braves and Atlanta Braves front office, as well as branding partner Brandiose, narrowed the submissions down to six finalists:

Gwinnett Buttons: The Buttons honor Gwinnett County’s namesake, Button Gwinnett, signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Gwinnett Big Mouths: Named after the state fish of Georgia, the Big Mouths is a tribute to bass fishing on Lake Lanier.

Gwinnett Gobblers: The Gobblers celebrates the outdoors, hunting, and eating all the foods we love.

Gwinnett Hush Puppies: Our stealthy hunting dog is sneaking through the weeds, about to rustle up some ducks. But don’t think we’re all that serious. You can expect a “corny” fan experience at the “Puppies” game!

Gwinnett Lambchops: A chop off the old block, the Lambchops marries the region’s love of home cooking with the Tomahawk Chop of the Atlanta Braves.

Gwinnett Sweet Teas: It’s a regional icon “to a tea!” The Sweet Teas celebrates the laid-back lifestyle of Gwinnett County while displaying a real sweet look.

Now, in a time span of barely two weeks, the fans will have the opportunity to vote for the best name at The winning name, along with new colors, logos and uniforms, will be unveiled at a press conference this fall.

The fans who submitted the six names chosen as finalists will be invited to attend the press conference. One lucky fan who submitted the winning name will receive two season tickets for the 2018 season, while the runners-up will receive merchandise with the new name and logo.

Those who are living outside the USA or Canada and who would like to cast a vote, it is not possible as only fans from Canada and the USA can vote.




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