Bowie BaySox rename themselves, Bowie BaySox (for one night)

The Bowie BaySox announced they will rename themselves the Bowie BaySox on Friday, July 28 in a game vs the Akron Aeros. This as a part of a David Bowie promotion… This promotion is held for the second year in a row.

This promotion is held to honor the legendary British rock star, David Bowie. As part of the promotion, the BaySox will wear special themed jerseys. The pronunciation of Bowie and Bowie is slightly different. The name of the town should be pronounced as Boo-ee. The name of the British rock star should be pronounced like Boh-ee. That explains the name change 😀

The team will represent the legendary rock star with Bowie music, in-game contests and tributes throughout the event. Following the game, there will be a David Bowie themed Fireworks Spectacular featuring all David Bowie music, presented by Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.

Of course, the special themed jerseys will be auctioned off during an in-game stadium auction and post-game online auction. Proceeds from the jersey auctions will benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of Bowie who lost his life to liver cancer.

Personally, I think these jerseys are plain ugly, but on the other hand, this is so typical minor league baseball, so they should be cherished.

David Bowie, in real life named David Robert Jones, passed away on January 10, 2016, after a battle with liver cancer. In a 50-year career, the rock star had several hits like Space Oddysey, Let’s Dance, China Girl, Heroes, etc. He also starred in several movies like Labyrinth, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence, Absolute Beginners, Basquiat (in which he played the role of Andy Warhol)  and the Man who fell to earth.

One has to admit this Bowie to Bowie name change is a brilliant promotion.


2 Replies to “Bowie BaySox rename themselves, Bowie BaySox (for one night)”

  1. These jersey’s that are for the David Bowie look fantastic. If anyone has seen Hockey Night In Canada then you know of Don Cherry and his colourful sport jackets.


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