Red Sox sign another Aruban talent

Apparently, the Boston Red Sox are very happy with their Aruban shortstop Xander Bogaerts. Even this happy they signed another Aruban talent. According to Baseball Aruba, the Sox signed Brandon Rincones to a professional contract.

Brandon can play shortstop and he can pitch as well, so it is up to the Red Sox how they want to use the youngster.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and outdoor
Brandon Rincones (photo: baseball Aruba)

MLB hosted a showcase last week for the top prospects in Venezuela for the upcoming signing period (July 2018). Due to the tence political situation in Venezuela, the event was moved to Aruba shortly before taking place. According to Jairo Dirksen, Aruban Coach and founder of Baseball Aruba, no Aruban player was invited. But when the event took place, Rincones was discovered while playing shortstop in a Little League Senior division playoff and a Red Sox scout taped his performance.

According to Dirksen, all MLB teams were at the island at the time and two Red Sox representatives asked for a private workout. Apparently they were very impressed as they offered him to sign a contract.

Since the breakthrough of several Dutch Caribbean talents like Kenley Jansen, Didi Gregorius, Jonathan Schoop and the aforementioned Xander Bogaerts, MLB teams are closely watching Aruba and Curaçao for talent. Currently a lot of players from these islands are playing in the minor leagues.

Rincones comes from a real baseball family. His parents and two other relatives are all involved into baseball, so it isn’t strange the kid is playing our beloved game as well.
Like many other kids from Caribbean islands, Rincones will start his professional career in the Dominican Summer League.



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