City of Hamtramck looking for purposes for old Negro League Stadium

In January it was announced that the National Park Service granted an amount of $50,000 to the Friends of Hamtramck Stadium. In this way, the old Negro League stadium can be saved from demolition.

In a press release, the city of Hamtramck announced it is looking for pre development planning and design services for the historic Hamtramck Stadium in Veterans Park.
The city is looking for multi purposes for the ballpark. Purposes like a range of sporting and recreation activities including youth leagues, pickup games, concerts, movie screenings and other events.

The city is seeking a Historic Structures Report for the site, a cost estimate for the work spelled out in the report and architectural drawings for the stadium’s rehab, the news release said.

The stadium was the home of the Detroit Stars for only one two years as the team folded Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Hamtramck Stadiumafter the Negro National League folded in 1931. In 1932 the ballpark got a new tenant in the Detroit Wolves, the Detroit representative of the newly established Negro League the East-West League. But the East-West League folded quickly and the Wolves did too.
In 1933 a reconstructed Detroit Stars team played at Hamtramck Stadium again but that team lasted only for one season. In 1937 it would be the final time that a Negro League team would play at Hamtramck Stadium again. A newly reconstituted Detroit Stars team played in the Negro American League but the team folded shortly before the 1938 season.

Hamtramck Stadium was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

Proposals are due by 11 a.m. Aug. 18.


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