Yomiuri Giants show interest in Roger Bernadina

Roger Bernadina, who recently joined the 20-20 club in the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization), has drawn attention from the Yomiuri Giants. The famous club from Tokyo with the most NPB championships under its belt, sent a scout to Korea to watch several players, and Bernadina is one of them.

The scout couldn’t come at a better moment as he saw Bernadina hit for the cycle, and to join the 20-20 club.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingSo far Bernadina is having a great season. After he got off a slow start, his batting average rose slowly but steadily. In his past ten games, Bernadina hit fifteen hits out of thirty-seven at-bats (.405). In his last four games, Roger hit as many dingers, lifting his total to twenty-one.

Roger would not be the first player from the Dutch Kingdom who joins the NPB after having played in the KBO. Hurler Rick van den Hurk also played in the KBO. In 2013 and 2014, Rick played for the Samsung Lions and was one of the reasons the club won back-to-back championships in those years. In 2015, Rick signed a deal with the Softbank Hawks and set a record for foreign pitchers for reaching fourteen wins without suffering a loss.

Despite having won the most titles in Japanese professional baseball, the Yomiuri Giants haven’t been very special in the past three years. The last championship was celebrated in 2012 and the last Nippon Series the club played in was in 2013, when they lost 4-3 to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the NPB’s newest team. This season, the club is in fourth place, trailing the Central League leading Hiroshima Toyo Carp by fifteen games, with a 47-50 record.


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