Dutch team makes its presence felt at Colt World Series

After their debut blow out victory vs the Lafayette team, the Dutch Colt League team made clear it is a team to be reckoned with. In another mercy rule shortened game, they blew away the Koreans 12-2.

Not only did the Dutch outscore the Koreans, they also outhit them 11-4. The only tiny black mark on the record were the two errors that were committed.

Just like the previous game, the Dutch took an early 4-0 lead in the first inning. A leadoff single by Jeandro Trom and back-to-back HBPs for Denzel Bryson and Tyler Boersma, loaded the bases before Darryl Collins walked in the opening run. Ruendrick Piternella then hit a ground ball single to left field to drive in Denzel Bryson. A passed ball allowed Tyler Boersma to score the third run and a 6-3 ground out by Leandro Anasgasti drove in the fourth run.

After the Dutch did not score in the top of the second, the Koreans did in the bottom of that inning and inched a bit closer when Shim Jae Young scored on Cho Geon Hee’s ground out to first base. In the next inning, Korea would score another run, but by then the Dutch had taken a commanding five run lead.

Jiorgeni Casimiri pitched 3.2 innings for the win (photo: Colt World Series)

Jiorgeny Casimiri lasted 3.2 innings for the win as he gave up two runs on four hits. 74% of the pitches he threw were called for a strike.

In the fourth inning, the Dutch would step on it one more time to end the game prematurely. Tyler Boersma got on base on an error, moved on to third on Darryl Collins’ single and scored on Nolan Beugeling’s single to second base. Leandro Anasgasti hit a bases-clearing triple to right field to drive in three more runs. Leanardo Anasgasti scored on an error the right fielder committed.

The Dutch pitching did a solid job. After Casimiri gave up the two runs to Korea, the two relief pitchers did not allow a hit. In fact, Nick Loos (0.1 innings) and Stephon Mohamed (1.0 inning) had perfect outings.

Best hitter for the Netherlands was Jeandro Tromp, who went 3 for 3 with a run scored.

Other hitting results:

Darryl Collins: 2 for 3 with a RBI and three runs scored
Ruendrick Piternella: 2 for 2 with a RBI and two runs scored
Nolan Beugeling: 2 for 3 with two RBI and two runs scored
Leandro Anasgasti: 1 for 3 with four RBI and a run scored
Mick Vos: 1 for 2 with a RBI

Here is a summary of the game:



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