U23 European Championship: Dutch clinch victory vs Belarus

Ceb 2017

In the seventh game of the day, the Kingdom of the Netherlands U23 team took on Belarus. Belarus starting pitcher Branislau Tatarevich kept the Dutch in check rather well, but eventually, in the eighth inning he collapsed and the Dutch walked away. In the end, the Dutch won 9-0.

The Dutch took a slim lead in the second inning. After Rodney Daal and Kendrick Delima drew consecutive walks, Daal crossed home plate on Ruar Verkerk’s single to left field.

In the next inning, Kaj Timmermans got a bit into trouble as he allowed runners in scoring position but eventually, he got out of the inning without any damage when he retired Yauheni Kurhun on a flyout.

In the fourth inning, the Dutch extended their score to 2-0 and in the sixth, they extended it to 4-0. Only in the eighth inning, the Dutch started to see the pitches of Branislau Tatarevich well as they scored five innings in that frame. Ruar Verkerk led off with a double down the left field line. As Verkerk tried to stretch his double into a triple, he was bowled off third by left fielder Dzimitry Dziamyaenka. With two outs, the Dutch got on a roll when Delano Selassa reached first on a fielding error by shortstop Ilya Sladzinski. After Jelle Kroft drew a walk, Denzel Richardson hit a three run home run which signaled the end of Tatarevich. His successor Kiryl Lapchanka did not manage to record an out as he gave up three walks and a double that scored two runs, also due to a dropped fly ball by third baseman Yauheni Kurhun.

So, in the end, it was a score one might expect, but that was all thanks to a big eighth inning. In the previous innings, the Dutch had quite a hard time to read the pitches of Tatarevich, who managed to stay afloat quite well during the first seven innings.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kaj timmermans baseball
Kaj Timmermans: six innings for the win

The only time the Dutch pitching faced some problems was in the aforementioned second inning when Kaj Timmermans allowed runners on third and second. But in the rest of the game, Belarus never got near third base. The team was outhit by the Dutch 10-5. Timmermans pitched six frames for the win in which he gave up three hits and two walks and struck out eleven(!). His successor, Jeremyh Angela, lasted two innings in which he gave up two hits and struck out as many. Maickel Rietel, pitched in the ninth inning and only gave up one walk.


Best hitter for team Kingdom of the Netherlands was Ruar Verkerk, who went 3 for 3 with a double, a triple, two RBI and a run scored.

Other hitting results:

Jelle Kroft: 1 for 4 with a RBI and a run scored
Denzel Richardson: 3 for 5 with a home run, three RBI and a run scored
Kendrick Delima: 2 for 4 with two doubles, two RBI and a run scored
Rachid Engelhardt: 1 for 4 with a run scored

Other results of today:

Georgia  0  –  24  Germany (two German pitchers threw a combined perfect game)
Poland  1  –  5  Spain
Ukraine  3  –  8  Belgium
Russia  1  –  2  Croatia
Slovakia  0  –  11  France
Austria  0  –  10  Great Britain (two Britsh pitchers threw a combined no-hitter)
Lithuania  0  –  15  Czech Republic



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