AAA baseball may be very shortlived in San Antonio

The Elmore Sports Group may have picked the wrong horse when they announced to move their AAA team from Colorado Springs to San Antonio. The mayor of San Antonio recently said that investing in minor league sports is not in the interest of the city.

About a month ago you could read here that several prominent San Antonio politicians prefer Major League Soccer over AAA baseball. The plan of the Elmore Sports Group was to head to San Antonio and play at Wolff Stadium for as long as a new AAA home would not be ready. But now it starts to look like this new AAA stadium may never be built.

Especially after what Mayor Ron Nirenberg said during a luncheon hosted by the Hispanic Chamber and Rivard Report: “As I’ve said before, I will listen to any deal and I will judge it on its merits. For me, I don’t think the public needs to be investing in minor league sports; we are a big league city.”

In 2016, former Mayor Ivy Taylor announced to build a multi-million dollar AAA baseball stadium downtown. That plan seemed less likely by last September due to a lack of funding commitments. Nirenberg says there have been no talks about the proposal since he became mayor this summer. According to Nirenberg he has had no conversations about stadium development with anyone associated with the Missions. Nirenberg says he’ll proudly support a local minor baseball team but his priority for sports franchises is securing a major league soccer team.

San Antonio is one of twelve cities that are eyed by MLS for expansion. Depending on this expansion, AAA baseball could be very short lived in San Antonio. And with the San Antonio Missions leaving the city for Amarillo, professional baseball may be lost for the Alamo city.

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