Debuting Dutch win Colt World Series

Sensational! Unbelievable! What else can you name it? A country debuting at the Colt League World Series goes the distance. That’s the story of this year’s Colt League World Series in a nutshell. The Dutch team beat Upland 6-0.

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Even though it wasn’t a walk over like the previous three games, the win was never in danger. Luuk ter Beek cruised through 6.1 innings for the win and allowed only three hits. He never faced more than five hitters in an inning and pitched two innings in which he retired the side.

Both teams committed three errors, but the three the Dutch made did not hurt them at all.  On the other hand, the three errors Upland committed led to two unearned runs.        Ruendrick Piternella and Leandro Anasagasti both went 2 for 3 but Ruendrick also drove in a run.

Three two-run innings were enough for the Dutch to seal the fate of Upland (which is located Northeast of Los Angeles, adjacent to Ranch Cucamonga).
With two outs in the first inning, the Dutch started a two-run rally. Back-to-back singles by Tyler Boersma and Darryl Collins, followed by a double to center field, hit by Ruendrick Piternella, drove in the opening run. Center fielder Emilo Mata made an off line throw towards home plate and thus allowed Darryl Collins to score the second run for the Netherlands.

In the next inning, Luuk ter Beek gave up two one out singles, but with a double play, he stayed out of trouble when Jairemy Pulido lined out to left fielder Denzel Bryson, who bowled Roberto Lopez off second base.

In the fourth inning, Ruendrick Piternella led off with a double. Nolan Beugeling then hit a grounder towards second baseman Juan Garza, who committed an error on which Piternalla could score and Beugeling could reach first base safely. Mick Vos’ single then loaded the bases before Jeandro Trom hit a sac fly to center field and drove in Nolan Beugeling.

Luuk ter Beek: 6.1 innings with two Ks for the win (photo: Colt League World Series)

In the sixth inning, the final two runs were scored on a sac fly by Shuruengelo Mingeli and on a bases loaded walk.

Luuk ter Beek just could not finish the game as he had reached the 70-pitch pitch count as he recorded the first out. He was replaced by Jiorgeny Casimir, who retired the two batters he faced on a pop out and a ground out.

Perhaps this win didn’t come as a surprise at all. The Dutch team contained players from all Dutch baseball academies, so it was the best the Dutch could offer.

Hitting results:

Jeandro Tromp: 1 for 2 with a RBI
Tyler Boersma: 1 for 3 with a RBI and a run scored
Darryl Collins: 1 for 4 with a run scored
Mick Vos: 1 for 3

Here is the summary of the game:



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