Oakland A’s to use fan input for ballpark location


The Oakland Athletics have launched a website to gather community feedback. The website contains a fan survey. Something quite remarkable.

On Thursday, the club announced the launch of a new website: oaklandballpark.com.

In a statement on the club’s website, it was said that the community’s feedback is critical to the A’s ballpark’s success. “We need to understand what our fans, and this community, want from ballpark design, seating or pricing,” said Oakland A’s President Dave Kaval. “Our new ballpark will be privately financed and we need to ensure that we create an environment that suits our fans and community, while also allowing us to drive franchise growth and bring more championships to Oakland.”

It is still unknown when the new ballpark location will be announced. One thing we know is that the A’s are down to three spots in Oakland that they are choosing from: the current Coliseum site, Howard Terminal or a spot simply referred to as the “Peralta” site, close to Laney College.

“We’re not prepared to say when at this point,” A’s chief operating officer Chris Giles told NBC Sports California. “We’re still gathering information. We are going to take time to digest the information. At this point, there are still so many moving parts that we haven’t set a date yet.”

The survey on the website deals with a lot of areas and is very extensive as it takes more than half an hour to answer the questions. The questions range from a fan’s annual income to ranking a list of factors they’d find most important in their game-day experience, to what they like most (and dislike) about the current Coliseum. One page offers up images of four different bar/restaurant type settings, asking fans which scene best represents their personal style.

Next to the survey, there is an area on the website where the club offers information about why the A’s need a new ballpark, how the ballpark will be financed, where it will be located, how it will look like, etc, etc.

The website of CBS sports questions if all the information that is asked for can be dealt with to draw a conclusion before the end of 2017. According to A’s chief operating officer Chris Giles, the Athletics can.


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