Ballparks around the world: Venezuela builds largest ballpark in South America

Despite the deplorable state, its economy is in, Venezuela is constructing a 37,000 seat baseball stadium in its capital Caracas. According to the Minister of Public Works, Cesar Salazar Coll, the stadium is expected to be inaugurated in September 2018.

Venezuela ballpark

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According to, the ballpark will be named Estadio La Rinconada. The ballpark will be located at the Hugo Chavez Park in the Rinconada neighborhood of the capital city Caracas. Cesar Salazar Coll states the ballpark is a milestone for Venezuela as the structure is “certified by Major League Baseball.”

The construction of the ballpark is about halfway as the main gallery and the lateral bodies are finished. Part of the facility will be around 350 shops and food stands.

The stadium’s construction is part of the National Public Works Plan 2017 of the socialist government of Venezuela, which contains 51 projects in the health, services, industries, sports and roads sectors throughout the country. It’s also part of the “three macro-works” under construction in the Capital District.

Venezuela ballpark 2
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According to Salazar Coll, the ballpark will contain batting halls instead of cages, press rooms and entertainment sections. In the central area of the ballpark, there are no staircases so the spectators can have the best possible view. The stadium’s upper façade is articulated as a weave of steel, recalling Venezuela’s indigenous basket weaving traditions.

There will be a transportation hub at La Rinconada Park, where the ballpark is located. New light and heavy rail lines will go to and from Caracas. It is expected that 90 percent of the spectators will use public transport to get to the stadium as there is hardly any private parking near the ballpark. Because of that, the stadium will be surrounded by parks instead of parking lots. That alone makes it a unique location.

Salazar Coll stated “The ballpark could be the permanent home of the Caribbean Series,” but it is very unlikely that this will happen.


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