Mervin Gario player/ coach Hoofddorp Pioniers

After manager Dè Flanegin resigned as the club’s manager, Hoofddorp Pioniers had to look for a new head coach for its flagship team. Today the club announced it has found the new head coach in third baseman Mervin Gario.

The club informed the team members last night about the move.
Team manager Roger Kops said the choice wasn’t a hard one. Mervin was captain of the team already, and he stands right at the center of the group. He has a positive attitude, which is very important to us according to Kops, who is busy to create the team for next year together with former player Mark Duursma.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hoofddorp pioniersGario doesn’t think about stopping as a player yet. Next season he will still play at third base because he still likes to hit. Gario will be supported by third base coach Theo Geerman and first base coach Angelo Clemensia. Pitcher Lars Huijer will get a similar role like Rob Cordemans has with L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Next to pitching himself, he will serve as a pitching coach. Together with Roger Kops, Lars will take care of the pitchers training during the offseason.

Hoofddorp Pioniers wants to go on with the rejuvenation of the team, something they started last season with. According to Kops, Gario is the right person to work with youngsters. He is respected a lot by the players of the team. With the rejuvenation, the club hopes to build a team that will be able to reach the Holland Series in two or three years.

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