Syracuse Chiefs Metsified

The Syracuse Chiefs will be no more in 2019. Yesterday it was announced that the club will be named after its parent club, the New York Mets. With the name change, a name that goes back to 1934 will disappear.

In a press conference, the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo talked about a franchise that belonged to the state and announced the club will be named Mets from 2019.

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The current AAA franchise dates back to 1961 when the team was named Chiefs as well. Only in a ten-year time span (1997-2006) the club was called Sky Chiefs. On a blog/website named rising apple, the writer was glad the racist name of Chiefs disappeared.  Sure the name will have referred to the leader of a Native American tribe, but you can wonder what is racist about that. Especially when the logo changed into a locomotive.

While the AAA team of the Mets will be named after themselves, their AA team abandoned that name and renamed themselves Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

With the acquisition of the Syracuse Chiefs, the Mets have concentrated a big part of their farm system in the same state (New York): Syracuse (AAA), Binghamton (AA), Brooklyn (A Short Season). The other farm teams of the Mets are located in St. Lucie (A-Advanced), Columbia (A Full Season) and Kingsport (Advanced Rookie). Their other rookie teams are playing in the Gulf Coast League and in the Dominican Summer League.

Even though the Mets were represented by Mets owner Jeff Wilpon and Chiefs GM Jason Smorol, neither wanted to comment. Only Smorol said: “We’ll have more to say about it later,” Smorol said. “I don’t think right now is the time to delve into that. When we’re ready to make the official announcement, we’ll make the official announcement.” He only wanted to say that the name will change.

International League President Mobley said general deadlines for teams to apply to the IL for logo changes are the spring or early summer of the previous year. That means the Chiefs would have to make their intentions known by this spring or early summer.

We’ll have to wait how this will pan out. But in general, a name change like this will not make the fans happy. This may even cost the Chiefs some fans.

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