Baseball rivalry indicates preference in Superbowl LII

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Superbowl LII
Who would ever think I would write about football? Not me, but in the last few days, I discovered something interesting on Facebook. There were plenty of posts about the Superbowl on various New York Yankees and New York Mets fan pages. As a Dutch Yankee fan, I thought a New Yorker would root against the Patriots. Well, not quite so. In many cases, it depends on which baseball they are rooting for. 

Sounds strange? Perhaps. But it is easily explained as it has to do with the rivalries of both New York teams. Next to the rivalry between both New York teams, there is a rivalry in both the American League East and the National League

Of course, we know that most Yankee fans hate/ loathe/ dislike the Boston Red Sox. As a result of that most don’t have warm feelings for Beantown which explains the fact that many Yankee fans were rooting against the Patriots yesterday.

But when visiting a Mets fan page, I discovered something interesting. Mets fans seem to have a different look at things.

Like the Yankees and the Red Sox, the Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies play in the same division, the National League East in their case. There seems to be a rivalry between the Mets and the Phillies, called the Battle of the Broards. But since both teams are hardly contending at the same time, the rivalry is not as fierce as the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

So because of their disdain for Philadelphia, many Mets fans rooted for the Patriots.

Of course, there will be plenty of New Yorkers who will not base their choice by a baseball rivalry but it I thought it was interesting to see how fans of two New York-based clubs root for or against different teams in Superbowl LII.

Now with football season luckily over, Spring Training is around the corner so we can focus on baseball again.

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