Tampa Tarpons unveil uniforms

Through various social media outlets, the Tampa Tarpons have unveiled their new uniforms today. The former Tampa Yankees rebranded earlier this year. As a result, the new unis were needed.


The Tarpons come with three new uniforms. The home uni refers to the parent club as it sports pinstripes, just like the Yankees do. With the home jersey comes a navy cap sporting the main logo, holding a baseball bat. The main logo is on the left sleeve of the home jersey.

Of course, the road jersey is in classic gray. The name Tampa is written in the same font of the main logo. With the road jersey comes a navy road cap with a powder blue lid. The crown of the cap sport the main logo.

Click on the Instagram pic and a movie that shows all the unis and caps will be played. 

The alternate jersey is a sleeveless one. It is powder blue with a navy undershirt. The jersey sports the name Tarpons in the same font as is on the home jersey. With the alternate jersey comes the alternate cap. It is in the same shade of powder blue as the alternate jersey and it sports a T shaped fishing hook.

The fourth jersey is the batting practice jersey. It comes in navy and has the main logo on the left chest. Unlike regular BP caps, which are made of mesh, the Tarpons’ BP cap is made of the regular cap fabric. It is navy with a white crown that sports a fishtail shaped T.

Tarpons hats
From left to right: home, alternate, BP, road



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