Curaçao baseball complex seems to be at a dead end

In 2015 you could read here about the plans of International Baseball Partners to build a baseball complex on the island of Curaçao that would be home to a new summer league that would replace the Venezuelan Summer League. According to a reliable source, the plans will not be carried out because of the lack of money.

The plans of IBP contained a big complex with five baseball fields and two smaller fields for infield practice. Back then, the former Prime Minister of the island, Ivar Asjes, supported the plans. But at least two elections and new governments later, there seems to be no money to support the plans of IBP.

Be honest, there are more important things to spend money on than a baseball complex even though the facility would provide new jobs. Apparently, MLB is not willing to support the plans financially. Otherwise, there would have been a groundbreaking ceremony by now.

So it seems that even though the island of Curaçao has the highest percentage of MLB players per capita, MLB and IBP are not willing to invest in the project without financial support from the government of Curaçao.

You never know what lies ahead but for now, the future of the baseball complex named project 421 looks gloomy.

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