Wally Vrolijk caught for PED use

Wally Vrolijk, the 23-year-old Aruban pitcher of the Ulm Falcons (German Bundesliga) has been caught with traces of performance-enhancing drugs in his blood. As a result, the Falcons dismissed Vrolijk from all of his duties with the club. 

Wally Vrolijk: suspended for PED use (photo: Apprich)

After the first game vs the Saarlouis Hornets, Vrolijk had to undergo a blood test. the A and B probe of the test proved he had used steroids.

Next, to being a pitcher for the Bundesliga team of the Ulm Falcons, Vrolijk also worked a trainer with youth teams. The club was informed by the police last Monday.
The club released the following statement: “We dissociate from this behavior. As soon as we learned about the felony, we made Wally clear that he will not play for us anymore.
Perhaps we were too naive to believe Wally when he told us he had taken steroids for the last time in December 2017. During his time in the Minor League system of the Baltimore Orioles, he was caught as well.”

The loss of Vrolijk’s services is limited. From the start of the Bundesliga season, Vrolijk had control issues. He was responsible for two losses even though he pitched a decent game vs the Mannheim Tornados on April 14.

The Ulm Falcons hope they will be able to present the new reinforcement before their game vs the Stuttgart Reds in the weekend of May 9 and 10.


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