Dutch Tigers will head to Arizona once again, looking for players


The Dutch Tigers, the occasional team from the Netherlands, will make another trip to Arizona in October (October  15 –  26), to participate in the MABL/MSBL. This trip will be their fifth as the team headed to Arizona for the first time in 2010. This trip is a bi-annual event.

The MABL/MSBL, which stands for Men’s Adult Baseball League and Men’s Senior Baseball League, is a yearly event but the Dutch Tigers participate every other year because it becomes too costly otherwise. The age category of the MABL is 18+ and the category of the MSBL is 25+.

The foundation of the Dutch Tigers was laid when one of the organizers of the trip, Mitchell Berghmans was invited to the tournament by his American coach of Gryphons in Rosmalen. Mitchell took his brother Maikel with him. The intention was the brothers would play one game, but it turned out they played every game. The organization of the tournament asked them if they wanted to return with a (Dutch) team within five years.
That was the start of a nice tradition that still lasts today.

In 2010, the two brothers together with their parents (Frank Cramer and Yolande Soudant) started to organize the trip and created a team with mainly players of Twins from Oosterhout. The Dutch ball club helped them to organize and because of that, the first team that headed to Arizona was called Holland Twins.

In each of the next even years, the brothers Maikel and Mitchell and the aforementioned parents organized a new trip and slowly more and more international players joined the team. In 2014, the team contained thirteen nationalities: Canadian, American, Russian, Swedish, Belgian, Dutch, British, New Zealand, Australian and German to name a few. From that year the organization of the Dutch Tigers decided to add the nation’s flag of each player on the back of their jersey.

This year the trip will cost €2,000, but that includes everything: Airfare, clothing (both on-field and off-field), protective gear, bats, balls, etc. The only things you have to bring yourself are your cleats and baseball glove.

The clothing of the team is arranged by Mosae Sports, a sports store from Maastricht in the utmost Southern part of the Netherlands. This sports store is specialized in custom baseball clothing, next to soccer clothing, running gear, fitness gear, footwear and leisure wear.

Here is a photo impression of the 2016 trip.

Next, to the MABL/MSBL tournament, the team will spend a couple of days for vacation in which they will visit the Grand Canyon, Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks), Tonto Bridge and Sedona to name a few things. This year the Dutch Tigers will offer the possibility to play the tournament only, for the first time. Since the team is celebrating its tenth anniversary, it would like to head to Arizona with as many players that used to play for the team in the past. For them, it may be less interesting to visit some Arizona highlights they have seen before.

Some of the nice things that can happen when you are on a trip with the Dutch Tigers is to bump into Luis Gonzalez, yes the one who hit the winning home run of the 2001 World Series for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

If you want to join the Dutch Tigers, know you will face pitching that tops 95mph. If this doesn’t hold you back, you can subscribe through the following e-mail address:


In order to limit the costs, the organization of this trip is also looking for sponsors. Small ones for 25 Euro or bigger ones (companies) for 100 Euro. The small sponsors will get a commemorative pin as a token of the organization’s gratitude. Companies who are willing to sponsor will have their names mentioned on the website of the Dutch Tigers.

This report is brought to you by Mosae Sports.



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