U-12 European Championship: Easy win for the Netherlands

U12 European Baseball Championship to …The Dutch team had a solid start at the U-12 European Championship. Austria didn’t stand a chance as it was beaten in four innings 19-4.

The Dutch had a modest start as they scored one run in the first inning when Otis Ward crossed home plate on a wild pitch.

But in the second inning hell broke loose for Austria as the Dutch scored six times. But that wasn’t all the Austrians had to bear. One inning later, the Dutch scored ten (!) runs.
Seven of the nineteen runs the Dutch scored were unearned as the Austrians committed ten errors.

After the Dutch had taken a 7-0 lead in the second inning, the Austrians came back to three runs as they scored four times with Tim Scholte on the mound, who struggled a bit with his control at that moment with two walks and a wild pitch but as the Dutch scored ten times in the bottom of the third so it never was a game. That wasn’t only explained by the score but also by the number of hits. The Dutch collected fourteen while Austria only got one.

Best hitter for the Dutch was Otis Ward who went 3 for 3 with two doubles, two RBI and three runs scored. But also Jamie Beerman (3 for 4), Sol Fahrner (2 for 3), Junairo Ostiana (2 for 4), Mats van het Land (2 for 3), Tim Scholte (1 for 1) and Wouter Mintjes (1 for 2) also contributed very well.

Only Italy did better than the Dutch as they beat Croatia in three innings 24-0. Ukraine also needed just four innings to beat Poland 17-0.

Other results:

Germany  11  –  0  Slovakia
Czech Republic  11  –  1  Great Britain
France  12  –  1  Slovakia

One Reply to “U-12 European Championship: Easy win for the Netherlands”

  1. Only one thing to consider, despite the monster score on the offensive side, they also received most runs agains…..which May be decisive at the end of the week if things develop further…


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