Padres may return to brown unis

Good news for those who always loved the brown/yellow seventies look of the San Diego Padres. The club’s owner says research shows brown uniforms are most popular “but it’s a minority” that think so, current look is next most; may switch to brown full-time in 2020.

One of the club’s executives, executive chairman Ron Fowler, stated in an episode of the “Beyond the Booth” podcast posted Monday morning, that he expects new brown uniforms and color schemes to be implemented by the 2020 season.

Personally, I would love this move. I like the alternate brown jerseys the club is currently sporting together with a spinoff of the 70s Taco Bell cap.

Recently the team had an “exhaustive” focus-group studies, which lasted for about six months. Even though the results weren’t overwhelming, but they leaned toward brown, a color that was a part of San Diego jerseys for the first 22 seasons of the team’s existence.

According to Fowler, the club will further explore brown as main color. “I would expect that brown will prevail in a side-by-side versus four uniforms. We will probably move in that direction hopefully for the 2020 season.” The specifics of those uniforms haven’t yet been decided, as the team continues to work through its testing phase.

Since 1990 blue has been the main color of the club and brown jerseys are only worn during Friday night games.

Through their 49 years of existence, the Padres have had some very nice brown jerseys. Sure the yellow ones they wore in the seventies were not so great. Here is an overview.

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1969-1971 (the one in the center was only worn in 1969)
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