Phildrick Llewellyn on roster of the Quebec Capitales

The Québec Capitales have placed a second player from the Kingdom of the Netherlands on their roster. Next to Kalian Sams, Phildrick Llewellyn now has joined the club from the capital of the Canadian province with the same name.


Phildrick Llewellyn at bat for A.S.D. Rimini

The 25-year old catcher from Curaçao joined A.S.D. Rimini from Italy at the start of the season. Next to his numbers being rather disappointing (a .204 batting average), sources revealed his stay there did not meet the expectations as they had promised him things they could not live up to. Eventually, Phildrick and Rimini decided to terminate the contract.

After the termination of the contract with Rimini, Llewellyn returned to the Trinidad Triggers of the independent Pecos League. With the Triggers, he left a very good impression in his first game as he hit two home runs and batted .500 with six home runs.

In 2012, Llewellyn broke into professional baseball with the Diamondbacks in the Arizona League. After three seasons at rookie level he was promoted to A Full Season in 2015. But since he struggled at the plate, he was moved around low A ball. Eventually, the Orioles, who had picked him up after he was released by the Diamondbacks in 2014, released him after the 2015 season.

Even though Llewellyn’s name is on the Capitales’ roster, there has not been an official announcement by the club or the league about the acquisition or about a trade.

[EDIT] In the meantime the Capitales have placed an article with the confirmation, so it is official now.



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