U23 World Cup 2018: Dutch humiliated by Australians

Yesterday the woes for the Kingdom of the Netherlands continued. After a surprising loss vs the Czech Republic, Australia was much too strong for the Dutch as they fell 16-3.

Nothing went the Dutch’ way. The pitching did not pan out the way it should and the lineup was kept in check by the Australian pitching.

Starting pitcher Colin van Laar started well with two quick outs but then could not get out of the inning and gave up three runs on three hits and two walks. Manager Sidney de Jong moved to Maickel Rietel in the second inning, a move that proved to be a bad one as Rietel started with giving up a home run to the first batter he faced. With two outs he lost his control and allowed three walks and hit a batter with a pitch that allowed the Aussies to score a run. But the worst was yet to come as Rietel gave up a grand slam home run to Jack Barrie. After two innings the game was played.

After Ruwensly Bonifacio gave up five more runs in the third inning, manager Sidney de Jong moved to his infielders Tommy van de Sanden and Swindly Lint to finish the game. Van de Sanden pitched 2.2 innings in which he gave up one run on three hits and two walks as he struck out two. Lint pitched the sixth and seventh inning and gave up a run on a hit as he struck out two.

At bat, the Dutch managed to collect ten hits, as many as the Australians did. But the Dutch never managed to get a string of more than three hits per inning to build up a rally.

After stunning the Dutch the day before, the Czech Republic lost to South Africa 9-2. The Czechs will face a tough opponent in Colombia. The Dutch will face Puerto Rico that had to go deep vs the Czech Republic in the round robin. If the Dutch manage to win, they are still depending on the result of Colombia vs the Czech Republic. With a Czech loss and a Dutch win, the orange squad will finish in tenth place. If the Dutch lose, they will finish in a disappointing eleventh spot. 

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