Auckland Tuatara unveils parts of uniform

The Auckland Tuatara, one of the two newest additions to the Australian Baseball League, has unveiled a part of its uniform. Not through an official presentation though. The team put replica jerseys and on-field caps on sale.

The home jersey of the Tuatara features the team name in grey outlined in navy. A very nice detail is the scale-like look of the word Tuatara, referring to the skin of the reptile. Both on the sleeves and on the front of the jersey there is a teal-ish piping that runs up, around the neck and down again along the buttonholes. Top left of the team name, there is a reference to the city the team is playing at, Auckland. What catches the eye is that the piping on the sleeves doesn’t run around completely.
On the back of the jersey, the ABL logo is sported on top of the back.

The road jersey is a navy version of the home jersey. It also sports the same teal-ish piping on the front and on the sleeves and on the front of the jersey, the name Tuatara is sported as well. Strange enough, there is no reference to the city of Auckland, something that is a common thing in baseball.

Two on-field baseball caps made by New Era are put for sale next to several replicas made by Richardson. The first cap shown is a teal cap with a white crown and a navy lid. The Tuatara main logo is sported on the front of the cap.

The second cap that is shown is a navy one with a teal lid, sporting the Tuatara head on the front.

The webshop doesn’t state which of the two on-field caps is the home cap and which is the road cap. 

Personally, I think the navy cap would fit best with the home jersey and the teal cap with the white crown would fit best with the road jersey, mainly because of the contrast. A combination of the white crown and a white home jersey would be rather dull as the combination of the navy cap and the navy road jersey would create a rather dark/somber look.

[EDIT] The club confirmed that the cap with the white crown will come with the road jersey and the navy cap will come with the home jersey.

The prices of the caps are rather steep. Assuming the prices are in New Zealand Dollars, a cap will cost you $80,00, which is about €46,00. The jerseys will cost you $110, which is about €64, which is a fair price IMHO. 

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