New Marlins team colors unveiled bit by bit.

Recently you could read here about a possible change of colors by the Miami Marlins. Bit by bit the club is unveiling pictures in the very same colors that you could see in the previous article. Thanks to these teasers it becomes more clear the new colors of the club will be black, baby blue and pink-ish.

Today the Marlins released another teaser in the aforementioned colors.

The tweet was answered with the following sequence of the supposed logo on the background of different colors.

Miami MarlinsThe club has started a promotional campaign to let fans get used to the new colors. The new campaign is named “Our Colores”

The new logo wouldn’t be that bad if black would not be the main color. IMHO it would look pretty good on a baby blue cap or else on a pink cap, but which baseball club is sporting pink as its main color?

Even though it is not sure yet what the logo will look like, one can be rather sure what the new colors of the club will look like.

The Marlins are playing on the Miami Vice theme which is reportedly loved by the Marlins fans.

Marlins new colors revealedIt won’t come as a surprise that with these colors, the Marlins will change their uniforms as well. It is clear the new owners want to leave their own mark on the club and get rid of Jeffrey Loria’s “legacy”.

Except for the tweet, other websites showed this picture with the supposed logo in it.

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