A lot of throwback unis next year in Cincinnati

Uniform lovers will enjoy the 2019 season as the Cincinnati Reds will sport fifteen different throwback uniforms next year. The reason? The club will celebrate its 150th anniversary or a sesquicentennial. 

Next to the uniforms, the club has unveiled a commemorative logo.

In 1869, the (then) Cincinnati Red Stockings became the very first professional baseball team and they proved to be a trendsetter.

The logo, shown above, features a background of the Palace of the Fans façade. The Red Stockings played at the aptly named Palace of the Fans from 1902 through 1911. It will be used both on the home throwback jerseys as well as caps and away uniforms. The 15 throwback uniforms, to be worn on weekends, will range from a 1936 “Palm Beach” uniform featuring red pants and a 1911 blue jersey.

In a tweet, the club announced the use of 15 different throwbacks next year.

The tweet contains three different pics that show the various uniforms the Reds will be wearing during the 2019 season.

It must be said that the current Reds do not descend from that 1869 team. That team dissolved in 1870. Another Red Stockings team saw the light in 1876 and played in the National League. In 1880 the team was expelled from that league by the other members as the team sold beer in its ballpark and played on Sunday.

In 1881 the team joined the American Association, a competitor of the senior circuit. It is that team the current Reds descend from. Eventually, in 1890 the club returned to the National League. Still, the team sold beer in its ballpark and played Sunday games. But the National League had adapted as times had changed and the league had to adapt to reality.

Here are some of the uniforms the team will sport in 2019.

1911 Reds Uniforms . 

People claim the Yankees’ uniform is a classic and hasn’t changed since 1936 (the year the interlocking NY logo appeared on the uniform for good) but when you look to the tweet, you can see that the Reds uniform has stayed the same in the last hundred years essentially.

If you want to have a good look at the fifteen throwback uniforms just click on this link.

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