Harper turns down $300MM deal. Really?

Yesterday it was announced that Free Agent outfielder Bryce Harper has turned down a $300 million offer by the Washington Nationals. One can only wonder why someone turns down a record-setting offer (at least for the Nats that is). 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Bryce HarperPerhaps it was the lack of an opt-out clause. Perhaps Harper simply doesn’t want to play for the Nationals anymore. Perhaps he wants more money. In my humble opinion no one, I repeat NO ONE is worth that kind of money.

Especially his numbers weren’t that impressive in 2018. His batting average was at an all-time low but one. The number of home runs he hit was the second best of his career, on the other hand.  Those people who claim he is an all or nothing hitter that cannot hit for average are wrong. Look at his seasons in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 in which he hit .274, .273, .330 and .319 respectively. Perhaps he was aiming for the fences too much this year in an attempt to spice up his home run numbers to get a big contract.

And even if his season totals in 2018 were not that impressive, as he hit only .214 before the All-Star Break, his numbers in the second half of the season were really nice as he hit .312.

As his agent, Scott Bora$ stated his client will chase a contract that will exceed Giancarlo Stanton’s $325MM deal, money likely is the only reason why he turned down the Nats’ offer.

Even though Harper is a gifted player who knows how to hustle and who doesn’t shy away from sacrificing his body while playing the outfield, he has a bad attitude. He has proven several times what a pain in the butt he can be.

Recently he is linked to the Yankees (who isn’t?). According to the rumors, the Bronx Bombers want to convert him into a first baseman. You can only wonder why? Sure Greg Bird didn’t live up the expectations, but they traded for Luke Voit who showed a lot of promise after he was called up from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. As Brian Cashman stated the other day he would like to stay under the luxury tax threshold, it seems unlikely that the Yankees will sign another player to a big contract that can end up in being an albatross. They already have a player like that in Giancarlo Stanton. One thing is clear. If the Yankees decide to sign him, he has to shave off his beard.

It is hard to tell if there will be clubs crazy enough to meet Harper’s demands. If not, he and his agent will have to scale down their demands.

I’d like to repeat that no one is worth $300 million or more (also Giancarlo Stanton isn’t). Isn’t it possible for a player to make ends meet with a $100 million contract? You can wonder when enough will finally be enough.

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