Wisconsin Timber Rattlers unveil new logos and caps

Through their website and Facebook, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers unveiled new logos a new set of caps. It is not a major overhaul but merely a refinement.

MW_New logos

With the new logos, there comes a new home cap, a new road cap, a new BP cap and an alternate cap. The video in the added tweet makes clear what the changes really are.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Home Fitted HatThe new home cap is practically the same when it comes to color. The logo on the front is significantly different though. Where the old home cap sported a W with a snake crawling around it, now the home cap sports an R with the same snake crawling around.

The old road cap sported an R with the same snake. The new road cap has the same color, grey with red lid (the old one had a black lid) with a W on the front, featuring the same snake.

It is not clear whether the black cap on the photo above is the BP cap or the alternate cap. The same for the green one.

It won’t come as a surprise that Bandiose, the royal warrant holder of MiLB, did the rebranding for the Timber Rattlers.

Even though I like the new look, I don’t think it was really necessary. The new logos and caps look pretty similar and there was nothing wrong with the old caps.

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