Lots of changes for L&D Amsterdam Pirates

At the end of the transition period, it becomes clear that L&D Amsterdam Pirates has lost quite some players that left a mark on the team. Of course the club acquired plenty of players to fill those gaps.

Amsterdam PiratesThe biggest surprise of them all is the fact that Nick Urbanus, son of manager Charles Urbanus (who decided to call it quits), has decided to stop as well. Rumor has it he will have a sabbatical year from baseball. To replace him, Pirates has acquired Delano Selassa (shortstop) form HCAW. Another player that has decided to turn his back on the club is outfielder Remco Draijer, who will join RCH-Pinguïns from the second tier league the overgangsklasse. To fill that hole in right field, Roelie Henrique will return to Amsterdam.

Also pitchers Kyle Ward and Robin Schel decided to call it a career. To replace them Tom Stuifbergen will return to Pirates and Mike Groen will join the Amsterdam based team as well. Both will leave DSS for it.

Catcher Rodney Daal will move to Bussum to join HCAW. An understandable move as he did not get that much playing time. It is clear that Max Clarijs will remain starting catcher. Rashid Gerard will be the backup.

Another player that wil return to Amsterdam is Gilmer Lampe. Lampe decided to join Fortitudo Bologna (Italy) last season. With his return, L&D Amsterdam Pirates will have a formidable outfield with Kalian Sams, Roelie Henrique, Linoy Croes and also Denzel Richardson, who also came from DSS in Haarlem. It is not clear yet whether Sams will play in the outfield or that he will be used as DH.

At first sight, it may look like Pirates has experienced a bloodletting as Nick Urbanus, Remco Draijer, Kyle Ward and Robin Schel have left the club. At the position of shortstop/second base, the club may have gotten a bit weaker but Roelie Henrique and Gilmer Lampe are more than capable to replace Remco Draijer in right field.
As Henrique is a versatile player, he has played in the infield as well, he may be used as a utility player.

With the acquisition of Tom Stuifbergen and Mike Groen, the bullpen clearly improved over last year’s.

With Kyle Ward leaving, it remains to be seen who will take the third spot in the rotation. With Rob Cordemans and Kevin Heijstek, the no. one and two slots are filled.

Overall it can be said that L&D Amsterdam Pirates has improved slightly (on paper).



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