Cards’ baby blue back in business

After the 1984 season, the Cardinals returned to the dull grey road uniforms. Previously they sported baby blue uniforms, they started with in 1976. Even though the jersey was a pullover, that baby blue uniform was arguably one of the best uniforms ever. And now it is back.

Today the Cards unveiled the new powder blue jersey. As described above, it is a button-down jersey instead of a pullover one. Even though the color refers to the past, the jersey has some new elements that are 2019. A red piping is running up along the buttons, around the neck and down along the buttons again. Also, the bottom of the sleeves has some red piping running around. Another “modern” element is the name of the city, St. Louis that can be read on the front of the jersey. The old pull over jerseys from the seventies and eighties sported the name Cardinals. So even if the jersey brings back some memories it has also its own modern character.

The powder blue uniform will be worn in thirteen road games during the 2019 season.

Team president Bill DeWitt always thought those baby blue jerseys should stay in the era they were used in. But as he saw more and more fans wearing the throwback baby blue jerseys he started to ask them how they would feel about a return of these classics. DeWitt got a 100% positive feedback. DeWitt ordered a prototype of the design and quietly began surveying people within the organization. He called the feedback “overwhelmingly positive.” “I went to the clubhouse, and the guys said, ‘You guys have to do that!'” DeWitt said. So the decision to bring back the classic look wasn’t all that hard.

One can wonder why the baby blue throwbacks are so popular. During the time the Cards wore these uniforms, they won the World Series only once (1982). Nevertheless, fans are attracted to these jerseys. Perhaps it is just a penchant for the past. A past in which big names like Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Bruce Sutter, and Ted Simmons were part of the teams.

Expect the sale of Cardinals merchandise surge from now on.


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