Helena Brewers/ Colorado Springs SkySox rebrand

Ever since the Elmore Sports Group initiated one of the biggest overhauls in Minor League Baseball, three teams traded places. The AAA Colorado Springs SkySox moved to San Antonio to become the Missions. The AA San Antonio Missions moved to Amarillo to become the Sod Poodles and the Helena Brewers (Advanced Rookie) has replaced the SkySox. For the time being the SkySox moniker was kept up but it wasn’t a secret the team would rebrand. And that is what happened today.

Today the Colorado Springs Pioneer League affiliate presented its new name and logos. From now on the club will be named Rocky Mountain Vibes.

No automatic alt text available.“We were truly inspired by all of the submissions that we received, and we’re thrilled to bring the Rocky Mountain Vibes brand to life!,” said President and General Manager Chris Phillips.  “We are looking forward to the 2019 season and beyond and making Vibes Baseball an integral part of the Colorado Springs community.”

The colors of the club are inspired by the state flag of Colorado. A part of that flag is incorporated in the logo as the C of the Rocky Mountain name is the C of the Coloradoan flag.

The primary logo features the team name “Vibes” in a fiery font resting on a marshmallow roasting stick. The other logos pull inspiration from the same fiery font and marshmallow theme. The flaming “CS” logo features a marshmallow with a bite 5950 Official Game Cap *PRE-ORDERtaken out to form “C” on a roasting stick with the “S” on fire. Another logo features the Colorado “C” on a flaming marshmallow, while the final logo features a vibing mallow with sunglasses, a graham cracker vest, sunglasses, hiking boots, and flaming hair while flashing the new Vibes “V” with his right hand.

In general, it is not hard to figure out what the link between the town/area a team is located at and the name is. But in this case, one may scratch one’s 5950 Official Alternate CS Cap *PRE-ORDERhead. What on earth is the link between Colorado Springs / the Rocky Mountains and the name Vibe? The club started a name-the-team contest in July and the following names were the five finalists: Happy Campers, Lamb Chops, Punchy Pikas, Throttle Jockeys and Rocky Mountain Oysters. Strange enough none of the aforementioned names were picked. The name is an offshoot of brainstorming sessions related to the proposed Happy Campers moniker. Thinking about that, the logo isn’t all that strange. Roasting marshmallows is one of the things you can do when sitting around a campfire.
According to Benjamin Hill of milb.com, “Colorado is a super-transient state, so many people are from somewhere else,” said Vibes general manager Chris Phillips. “You hear things like, ‘When I moved here, I was such a happy camper.’ It’s not so much about camping as it is a state of mind. The people who live out here, whether they’re camping or hiking with their family or walking the dog or having a beer with a buddy, they’re happy campers. But what makes the people here happy campers?” he continued. “It’s the outdoors, the sunshine, that feeling you get when you live here in Colorado. So what’s that feeling? How do you describe that?”

And thus, a name was born. It’s those Rocky Mountain Vibes.

5950 Official Alternate CS Panel Cap *PRE-ORDERThe logos are nice, nothing wrong with that. They were designed by Brandiose from San Diego. Once again Brandiose has stepped away from its main type of design. In the recent past, one could clearly tell a logo was made by Brandiose. In the past weeks we had two logo presentations, the Sod Poodles and Trash Pandas and in both cases, the design was not typical Brandiose and so is this one.

The club will sport four caps. One home/road 5950 Official Alternate CStick Cap *PRE-ORDERcap and four alternates. The home/road cap will sport a smore (flaming marshmallow between two cookies). Two of these alternates sport the flaming CS (Colorado Springs) logo: One all navy and one navy with a grey front. The fourth alternate cap will be a navy one with a beige lid and button. The logo on that cap is the burning marshmallow on a stick. The caps are on pre-sale. The shipping will start on December 2nd.


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