MLB to Las Vegas?

It is something that has been discussed a lot in the past years. Major League Baseball coming to Las Vegas. Quite often, MLB kept the distance as it did not want to get involved in gambling scandals. But now Sin City will have two major league sports franchises soon, the rumors about MLB coming to Las Vegas start to flare up again.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Las Vegas 51sA Youtube vlog, JacobslifeinVegas, is mentioning the rumor that the Rio resort, which is located West of the Strip and West of the I-15, will be sold. The real value is not in the property but merely in the ground, it is built on.

Rumor has it that now Las Vegas has an NHL franchise and soon will have an NFL franchise too, the city is trying to lure an MLB franchise as well and the location of the Rio should be used to build a ballpark then. If this is really going to happen, one may wonder if this will be through the expansion Rob Manfred has been talking about for a while or through acquiring a club like the Tampa Bay Rays. Even the Los Angeles Angels or the Arizona Diamondbacks come to mind as both teams are free to go elsewhere. The Angels opted out of the stadium lease recently and will be looking for a new place to play. Thanks to backlogs in the maintenance of Chase Field, Maricopa County have given the Diamondbacks the permission to look for a new place after 2022.

According to JacobslifeinVegas, the “new” MLB franchise would be a major tourist magnet.

If this is all true, it comes to mind immediately what to do with the new ballpark of the Las Vegas 51s in Summerlin. Will the MLB club allow an AAA team to so near its home field? If not, the AAA club will have to leave Summerlin which will be a major destruction of resources.

For now, it is nothing more than a rumor.  Personally, I don’t see the Tampa Bay Rays move West. This would mean a total reconstruction of the American League West, Central, and East. A move of the Angels or the D-Backs to Las Vegas will keep the current structures of both the AL West and NL West intact.

As soon as more news about a possible Las Vegas MLB franchise is known, you will read it here.


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