Kingdom of the Netherlands drops one spot in World Rankings

After the U23 World Cup, that was won by Mexico, the WBSC has presented the new World Ranking. Some changes occurred as Japan regained first place again and the USA dropped into second place.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-17 om 20.30.43

Most of the countries that reached the Super Round of the U23 World Cup gained a spot in the World Rankings. Korea remained in third place but Taiwan moved into fourth place from the fifth spot. Venezuela gained two spots (from eleven to nine) and Colombia also moved up two places (fourteen from sixteen).

Australia, that finished one spot above the Netherlands gained enough points to surpass the Dutch. The Australians are now in seventh place as the Dutch moved down to the eighth spot in the rankings. With this result, the Dutch are still in the running for a spot in the Premier 12, that will be played in November 2019.

With the eighth place, the Dutch are still the best European nation in the World Rankings. Italy moved down from the fifteenth place into the sixteenth spot. The Czech Republic stayed put at the eighteenth place.

A surprising fact is that European countries like Spain (26) and France (25) were surpassed by South Africa, that finished in eleventh place in this year’s U23 World Cup. Part of the “surge” of South Africa is the series of games the country played vs France in November. The South Africans won that seven-game series 5-2. As a result, South Africa is now in 23rd place, the first time in the top 25.

Despite winning the U23 World Cup, Mexico remained in sixth place and despite finishing second, Japan surpassed the USA for the no. 1 spot in the World Ranking.

In the schedule below you can see the development of the points by the Kingdom of the Netherlands:

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-17 om 20.46.08

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