Mike Bolsenbroek leaves Regensburg, Jan Tomek fills the void

According to the website of the Regensburg Legionäre, their ace Mike Bolsenbroek turns his back on the club to join the three-time German champion, Heidenheim Heideköpfe.

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, baseball, stadium and outdoor
Mike Bolsenbroek pitching for Regensburg (photo: © Dutch Baseball Hangout)

According to head coach Tomas Bison the Legionäre have tried everything to change his mind but the offered contract wasn’t financially attractive to continue his stay with Regensburg. 

“It is a heavy loss for us but we do not want to change our policy to create the best possible environment for our players together with the best training facilities and trainers, instead of spending too much money for player salaries”, stated chairman Armin Zimmermann. “We wish Mike all the best. He has done a lot for Regensburg baseball.”

The 31-year old Dutch national team player joined Regensburg in 2008 and except for the two years he spent in the US with the organization of the Philadelphia Phillies, he played with the Legionäre ever since. Bolsenbroek pitched a total of 882.2 innings in 147 games in which posted an ERA of 2.06 and struck out 983 batters.

To fill the void that Bolsenbroek left, the Legionäre have acquired Czech national team player Jan Tomek. It will not be the first time Tomek plays in Regensburg. In 2016 Tomek played for the Legionäre before joining Curaçao Neptunus in the Netherlands for the 2017 season. After 2017, he returned to the German Bundesliga to join the Munich-Haar Disciples. Joining a club in Bavaria was a logical step for Jan as he wanted to pick up his study again in the Czech Republic. In this way, he is much closer to home.

Last season, Tomek pitched 92.2 innings for the Disciples in which he posted a 2.62 ERA and struck out seventy-seven.


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