Future Wichita AAA ball club writes out name-the-team contest

With the New Orleans BabyCakes moving to Wichita in 2020, the future ball club needs a new name. As a result, the future AAA club has organized a name-the-team contest.

The time to enter a name of your choice is rather short as the contest only runs through January 21st. According to the Wichita Eagle, the name BabyCakes will not make the trip to Wichita (who can blame them?). Therefore a new name is needed.

This link will lead you to the MiLB page where you can enter your suggestion.

The Wichita Eagle states: “We invite you to suggest names along with your reasons for those names and also help us better understand your beloved city, one which we are excited to call our new home,” the invitation reads. “Is there something from Wichita’s cowboy or aviation roots that makes the best name? Is there something undeniably unique to Wichita that would make the best name? Or is there another name that will proclaim the future of Wichita to the rest of the world?”

With the BabyCakes not moving to Wichita doesn’t mean that the name will disappear. It is likely that a Southern League team will move to the Big Easy and adopt the BabyCakes moniker.

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