Owen Ozanich moves to Parma instead of Rimini

Recently it was announced that Rouen Huskies ace Owen Ozanich decided to sign a deal with A.S.D. Rimini Pirates. But thanks to very strange circumstances, the club is losing most of its players and Ozanich decided to move as well.

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, baseball, tree and outdoor
Owen Ozanich during the 2017 ECC

After many years with the Rouen Huskies, Owen thought it was time for a new challenge, so he signed with Rimini. But since sugar daddy and president Simone Pillisio fired manager Paolo Ceccaroli, who did not manage to win the European Champions Cup and the Italian title. Fans in the small Italian Adriatic town did not agree with this move. As a result, Pillisio packed his bags and moved to Nettuno, taking a lot of players with him.
This move caused a tsunami. Several players decided to turn their back on the club.

Owen Ozanich was one of them. He will now move to ParmaClima baseball club, once a powerhouse in Italian baseball. In an Instagram message, Owen announced the move. Also, Parmaclima baseball announced the signing of Ozanich on their website.

The 29-year old Frenchman has a lot of international experience. Not only did he play college in the USA, but he also played a lot of international games during the European Champions Cup, European Championships and during Qualifiers for the World Baseball Classic. Ozanich also played one season in the Australian Baseball League in which he posted a 2..25 ERA. During his French Division 1 career, Ozanich earned 91 victories and just 15 losses.

Next to Ozanich, French National Teammate and former Rouen Huskies teammate Mark Habek, the Canadian with a French passport, will join Climaparma.

Since Simone Pillisio is still the official president of A.S.D. Rimini Pirates, it remains to be seen if all these moves are legal. According to the president of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) Marcon, they are monitoring the situation. Also for the FIBS, Pillisio is still the president of Rimini and according to the FIBS’ rules, it is not allowed to be involved with two clubs at the same time. The FIBS will watch the adherence of the rules and the current situation in the Serie A1.

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