Hoofdklasse pitcher is looking for a club

For those clubs who are looking for a standout reliever, this is your chance. Jakob Syrén from Sweden is available after he wasn’t offered a new contract with his former club from the Dutch hoofdklasse.

Coming from Leksand, it is not strange, Jakob got to play baseball as that is one of the biggest sports in the small Swedish town, next to hockey.

Don’t let his origin fool you. Even though baseball is a small sport in Sweden, Jakob had a superb year with De Glaskoning Twins in 2018. The tall Swede had a tryout prior to the 2018 season and apparently, De Glaskoning Twins liked what they saw.
Jakob met the expectations by far. 
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In seventeen relief appearances (twenty-three innings pitched), Jakob struck out twenty-one batters and kept his opponents to a batting average of .247. His ERA was very impressive as he managed to stay well below 3.00 (2.74), which is very good for a reliever since every run they allow counts extra hard. Even though his K/BB ratio is not that impressive, he still was pretty much effective in keeping the opponent from scoring. Jakob is clearly not a strikeout pitcher.

Since the transition period in the Netherlands is over, Jakob is not allowed to play for another hoofdklasse club. His preference is to play in the German First Bundesliga but he is open for other opportunities as well.

[EDIT] Recently I learned that it is still possible to play in the Dutch hoofdklasse. Dutch clubs have the opportunity to sign Jakob until the beginning of June but then De Glaskoning Twins needs to give him permission to play for another club.

Jakob has an impressive appearance with a height of over 2.00 meters. He is a fun loving guy and a very good teammate.

If you are interested in his services, please leave a message at the bottom of this blog post and I will make sure you will get in touch with him.

Right below you will find his complete 2018 stats:
schermafbeelding 2019-01-28 om 19.52.37schermafbeelding 2019-01-28 om 19.52.23


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