Possible future Padres jerseys

Today a lot of traffic on Twitter about the future uniforms of the Padres. As the Padres announced earlier, the team will return to brown as one of the main colors in 2020. Today someone posted pictures of possible uniforms of the 2020 Padres. 

It remains to be seen which uniforms the Padres will wear but personally, I like the white pinstriped jersey and the dark tan pinstriped jersey but with the latter, the brown cap with the white/yellow SD logo would fit better IMHO.

What is your favorite?

One thing is sure: After the Padres turned their back on brown after the 1990 season, it is about time to return to their original colour.

6 Replies to “Possible future Padres jerseys”

  1. Love the new uniforms. Looked everywhere. Will they sell authentic new jerseys to the public. If so where can you buy them?


  2. The white with gold letters for home jerseys and the tan with SD interlocking and the number on the jersey for the road

    . Dark brown is too dark and pinstripes are for Yankees. When others teams try to replicate pinstripes it does not work. Avoid pinstripes at all costs.


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