Rick van Dijck takes step back

Dutch pitcher Rick van Dijck, who has spent several years in the highest Czech league will not be seen in the Czech Extra League in 2019 but will play one level lower with SaBaT Prague.


Rick van Dijck (photo: Photobank CBA)

According to Milujeme-Baseball.cz, the Dutch pitcher will reinforce the ranks of the second division club from Prague. In the past season, the club finished second in the standings in 2018.

Besides playing for Oosterhout Twins (currently named De Glaskoning Twins) in the overgangsklasse in 2012, Van Dijck also played in the Dutch hoofdklasse for UVV from Utrecht and Mampaey the Hawks from Dordrecht. With Mampaey the Hawks, Van Dijck appeared in 14 relief outings and posted an ERA of 11.51. According to baseball-reference.com, he appeared in only one game for UVV in 2015 in which kept the opponent scoreless in one inning.

Van Dijck played five seasons for Eagles Praha (Prague) and in those five seasons, he posted an ERA of 4.93.

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