Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 4, day 1

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Last night the first games of round four were played in the Dutch hoofdklasse. Curaçao Neptunus had to go deep to beat DSS, L&D Amsterdam Pirates had an easy night vs De Glaskoning Twins. Silicon Storks pulled off a surprising result against Meerlease Pioniers and HCAW beat Quick Amersfoort in a close game.

DSS  0  –  6  Curaçao Neptunus
For six innings Juan Carlos Sulbaran kept Neptunus in check very well as he limited them to four hits. But in the seventh inning, Sulbaran recorded two outs but could not get out of the inning. With Gianison Boekhoudt at second base, Quentin de Cuba started a rally that would lead to five (three earned) runs. By the time Quentin de Cuba crossed home plate, Sulbaran was replaced by Lars Werkman. An “insurance”run was scored in the bottom of the eighth to make it 6-0.
Diegomar Markwell went eight innings in which he allowed only five hits, walked one and struck out four for the win.
Best hitters for Curaçao Neptunus were Gianison Boekhoudt and Jochem Koedijk as both went 2 for 3.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates  14  –  1  De Glaskoning Twins
A tough night for De Glaskoning Twins. Newly acquired Yuto Onodera was hit hard in 3.2 innings as he allowed eight runs on seven hits and three walks. His successor, Mic van de Ven didn’t do much better. In 1.1 innings he was tabbed for four runs on two hits as he had some control issues when he gave up four walks. Koen Postelmans lasted two innings and gave up an additional two runs.
Surprising starter for L&D Amsterdam Pirates was Nick Veltkamp. Nick went five innings in which he gave up one run on four hits and a walk and struck out five.
No surprise the game was shortened to seven mercy rule innings.
The best hitter for L&D Amsterdam Pirates was Kenny Berkenbosch, who went 3 for 5 and drove in five runs, four of them on a grand slam home run in the first inning.

Meerlease Pioniers  3  –  4  Silicon Storks
Another surprising staring pitcher for Meerlease Pioniers. Normally Lars Huijer is the starting pitcher on Thursday nights but this time it was Luuk ter Beek who took the mound for the team from Hoofddorp. Luuk allowed four runs over 4.2 innings despite striking out nine. Pioniers build a two-run lead by scoring a run in the third and the fourth innings. But then in the fifth, Silicon Storks struck and scored four times. With two outs and runners on first and second, Joost van den Bergh doubled to left center field to tie the game at two. Back-to-back singles by Giovanny Perez and Jurriaan Dijk drove in two more runs.
Jurrian Koks lasted 5.2 innings for Storks and allowed two runs for the win.
Best hitter for Silicon Storks was Jurriaan Dijk who went 1 for 2 with an RBI.

Quick Amersfoort  2  –  3  HCAW
A one-run third inning and a two-run fourth inning gave HCAW a lead that was just big enough to clinch the win. A solo home run by Ruendrick Piternella gave HCAW the lead in the third followed by a two-run homer hit by Rodney Daal in the fourth.
Quick Amersfoort rallied for two runs in the sixth inning but there their offense stalled.
Chris Pfau was solid in seven innings, allowing two runs on six hits, striking out eleven for the win.
Ruendrick Piternella was the best hitter for HCAW as he went 2 for 2 with a solo home run. score66

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