Padres’ brown/yellow uniforms to be unveiled in November

The other day it was announced through the San Diego Union-Tribune, that the San Diego Padres will unveil their new 2020 uniforms in November, shortly after the final game of the World Series.

The club is trying to protect as many aspects of the new uniform as possible. The “rich brown and vibrant gold” color scheme and the font for the numbers and letters have been finalized. The specifics were submitted to Major League Baseball and Nike earlier in May.

After two rounds of research, the club decided to return to the inaugural colors of the club. Between 1969 and 1984, the club wore yellow and brown as their main colors before turning to brown and orange and then to navy and orange (1991) before it turned to navy only. The biggest share of its fanbase wanted the club to return to the brown/yellow.

The team’s chief marketing officer Wayne Partello said: “I think it’s going to be a look and feel that San Diego can be proud of. It’s an answer to what we heard.” He also stated that the word mark for the “San Diego” on the team’s road jersey will be different than the current version. Those away uniforms are sand, not baseball’s traditional gray. However, the sand is based in a brown palette, which will make it unique from the sand color the Padres wore on the road from 2004-10.

The Padres are doing “some fine tuning, some detail work,” such as determining design of outerwear and a subtle change to the “SD” logo. According to Padres Executive Chairman Ron Fowler, this uniform change will be the last for many years to come. In its half-century of existence, the Padres have had at least ten major uniform changes.

“The only consistency in our uniforms has been their inconsistency,” Partello said. “This moving forward is about consistency. This is about locking in on a look and feel that is consistent with what the fans and community wanted and moving forward with a look that is only us. The thing we heard is that the desire is for unique. This will be different.”

The reason why the new uniform will be unveiled only after the World Series is that MLB doesn’t allow teams to do this before the Fall Classic.

Throughout this blogpost, you see the major changes the Padres uniform underwent through the years (with the year of change as uniform number).

2 Replies to “Padres’ brown/yellow uniforms to be unveiled in November”

  1. I really like these new uniforms. I have to say that I like the white ones they wear at the moment as well, but those army uniforms are probably the most ugliest ones I have seen these final years. Looking forward to a colourful NL West next year with Dodger blue, Rockie purple, Giants cream, Sedona red and the new yellow/brown Padres.


    1. I am not sold of the current home unis. I love the brown alternate and the taco bell spinoff cap. I am really looking forward to the new unis. The risk is that I might be disappointed with the result.


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