My top 10 of Dutch baseball caps

As you might know by now, I am an avid ball cap collector. It all started with MLB caps, then I switched to MiLB caps and my latest craze is Dutch and European caps. Mostly I like to collect European and Dutch caps because they are not as easy to come by. You can buy an MLB cap almost everywhere but those Dutch and European caps are much harder to come by. Here is a top ten of my favorite caps of Dutch baseball.

10. UVVAfbeeldingsresultaat voor UVV pet
UVV (Utrechtse Voetbal Vereniging) is currently playing in the overgangsklasse. A few years ago, the club was demoted from the hoofdklasse to the overgangsklasse.
What I like about this cap is its simplicity. A simple logo. The red letters look good on the navy cap.

9. Onze Gezellen
Onze Gezellen is a baseball and softball club from Haarlem. Currently, the team is playing in the overgangsklasse, a second-tier league. I like this cap because of the typical style of the letters on the front of the cap. The orange is a good fit at the black background.

8. DSSAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Roef cap
DSS is the only hoofdklasse club from Haarlem at the moment. The club is playing next to the famous Pim Mulier ballpark. I love this cap because of its simplicity.
The white letters on the red cap create a nice contrast.

7. AHC Quick
Image may contain: hatAHC Quick is the oldest still existing club in Europe. Founded in 1913, the Image may contain: hatclub celebrated its 106th anniversary this year. I take some pride in the fact that I have played for this club. Since last year, the club is sporting a new cap. Royal blue with a Q on the front and the three St. Andrew’s crosses of the city of Amsterdam on the back. I like this cap because for me it is a bit of a walk down memory lane.

6. Oosterhout Twins
Image may contain: hatOne of the reasons I like this cap is because Twins is one of my favorite Dutch clubs. But that is not the only reason. I also like the written name instead of only one letter. It is something different. Especially, I like the combination of the shade of blue and shade of orange.

5. Neptunus
What I like about this cap is its simplicity. Neptunus is the Latin word for Neptune, so No photo description available.that explains the trident. Back in the eighties, Neptunus had a cap with a logo that looked very similar to that of the New York Yankees, who sued them for it. From there they had a few other logos that evolved to this one.

4. L&D Amsterdam Pirates
Image may contain: one or more people and hatThis cap contains the logo of the main sponsor: L&D Support. The flagship team of the club is officially named L&D Amsterdam. All other teams of the club are playing under the original moniker Amsterdam Pirates. What I like about this cap is a simple but stylish logo and the combination of colors. In the nineties, the club bonded with the Montreal Expos and the flagship team was named Amsterdam Expos. As a result, the uniforms were similar to those of their Montreal namesake.

3. Silicon StorksAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Storks cap
Storks used to have a black cap with a simple S on the front. About two years ago, a club member designed the new logo and that was a huge success. The logo contains a stork in the shape of an S. Even though it is a modern design, I like it a lot. I think that red burgundy would have been a better color as that is also one of the colors of the club.

2. The Stags
One of my former baseball clubs. The club always had a nice logo but the caps weren’t really to write home about. Three years ago, the fourth tier league club introduced a new cap, made by New Era. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it.
The cap shows the classic Stags logo on the front in raised embroidery. The navy cap has grey/silver eyelets, which gives a nice twist to the cap.

1. Kinheim road cap
Kinheim is playing in the overgangsklasse, a second-tier league in the Netherlands. The Schermafbeelding 2019-06-13 om 06.58.32road cap of that club is black with a red lid. It shows a K-shaped gnat or mosquito. The K stands for Kinheim of course. The gnat can be explained as follows: Kinheim is from Haarlem, the capital of the Dutch province Noord-Holland. People from Haarlem are called “muggen”, which is Dutch for gnats or mosquitos.

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