U-18 World Cup 2019: Netherlands wins close one

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor U18 baseball world cup 2019

In a night cap, the Kingdom of the Netherlands took on Panama in the cosolation round. In a close game, the Dutch stayed at the right side of the score as they beat Panama 2-1.

Panama took a 1-0 lead over the Dutch in the second inning when Valdes Abrego hit a sac fly to left center field and drove in Julio Gonzalez for the unearned run as an error by shortstop Mick Vos killed the opportunity to turn a double play. 

The Dutch lineup had some problems collecting hits as they could not get a grip on the pitches of Jose Ojo and Israel Mendoza. But eventually in the fourth inning, the Kingdom of the Netherlands tied the game at one. Back-to-back singles by Darryl Collins and Ruendrick Piternella put runners on the corners before Nathaniel Bentura hit a sac fly to deep center field to drive in Collins.

In the sixth inning, that same Darryl Collins would lift the Dutch over Panama single-handedly as he homered to right field to give the Dutch a one-run lead over the Panamanians.

In the mean time, Scott Prins pitched a solid game in which he kept Panama on a leash rather well. He only allowed that one run in the second inning but for six innings, Scott gave up four hits, two walks and struck out seven. Cal Maduro, took over in the seventh and pitched the remainder of the game for the save, while Prins earned the win. Maduro gave up one hit and a walk and struck out three.

Darryl Collins was the best hitter for the Dutch as he went 2 for 3 with a home run and two runs scored.

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