Hoofdklasse/Bundesliga pitcher is looking for a club

Last year, you could read a post here about Jakob Syrén, who was looking for a new club after Oosterhout Twins did not offer him a new contract. During the past season, he played for the Solingen Alligators but now he is looking for a new club. Perhaps this blog post will draw your interest.

Image may contain: Jakob Syrén, playing a sport, baseball and outdoorJakob is a relief pitcher, who has his roots in Leksand, Sweden. There he played for the Leksand Lumberjacks. He also played for the neighboring Rättvik Butchers.
Before the 2018 season, Jakob contacted Oosterhout of the Dutch hoofdklasse for a tryout. He left a good impression as the club hired him for the 2018 season. During 2018, Jakob posted a 2.74 ERA in seventeen appearances. In twenty-three innings, he struck out twenty-one batters and limited them to a .247 batting average.

During his time with the Solingen Alligators, Jakob managed to improve his speed as he hit plus 90mph with his fastball. Through the 2019 season, Jakob posted a 1.92 ERA and went perfect in save/ save opportunities (4/4), the most in the 1. Bundesliga. In 16.2 innings pitched, Jakob walked only nine, threw only one wild pitch, struck out nineteen and kept his opponents to a .180 batting average. Jakob is not a real strikeout pitcher but his 2019 numbers show he has good command and does not allow many runs; eventually, that is what it is about.

Jakob is looking for clubs all over Europe but preferably in the stronger competitions like the Dutch hoofdklasse, Italian Serie A1 and the German 1. Bundesliga but he is also interested in other competitions.

If you are looking for a good reliever, Jakob may be your guy. You can contact him through FB messenger. Note that he is a tremendous team player.

If you want to see him pitch, Jakob is on the Swedish team that participates in the European Championship that starts tomorrow (September 7).

The schedule of the Swedish national team is:

September 7: Bonn, 19:00  vs Germany
September 8: Solingen, 12:30 @ Israel
September 9: Bonn, 15:00 @ the Netherlands
September 10: Solingen, 16:00 @ Czech Republic
September 11: Bonn, 13:00 vs Great Britain

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