Fredericksburg unveils name and logo

After the Potomac Nationals played their last game at Pfitzner Stadium, the club prepared for the move to Fredericksburg, where a brand new ballpark was built for them. Today, the “new” Carolina League club presented its name and logos.

Fredericksburg is located 54 miles south of Washington DC, the location of the Fredericksburg Nationals namesake.

“We’re just an hour outside of D.C., and this affiliation means so much to the people here,” said Fredericksburg Nationals executive vice president and general manager Nick Hall. “It’s an opportunity to see the future stars of the team. And while you’d never wish injury on anyone, in the case of [Washington Nationals] rehab assignments, they can play in front of the fans of Fredericksburg and then go home and sleep in their own bed. It’s a big deal.”

The Fredericksburg franchise continues the name Nationals as the Potomac Nationals or P-Nats for short used the same moniker. As MiLB announced the club as Fred Nats on Facebook, the abbreviation will be the club’s alternate moniker.

“We thought about so many different names, because there were quite a few different submissions,” said Hall, who joined the Fredericksburg front office after spending the 2019 season as the Amarillo Sod Poodles’ director of partnerships. “But the catch was that over half of them was ‘Nationals.’ We wanted this to be Fredericksburg’s team, and with over half of the submissions suggesting that name, it was a no-brainer for us to do that.”

According to the article of, minor league teams with the same moniker as the parent club are becoming an endangered species. The Washington Nationals have only one club with the Nationals moniker next to their GCL club. A club like the Atlanta Braves have quite a few more farm teams with the same name: Mississippi (AA), Rome (A Full Season) and Danville (advanced Rookie).

According to Nick Hall, “The Fred Nats element was probably the most important thing to the new branding. In the community of Fredericksburg, to work that name into our nickname was extremely important, and it just rolls off the tongue. We’ll most likely be wearing jerseys that say ‘Fred Nats,’ and we’ll have gear that says ‘Fred Nats.’ That’s what people will call us across Minor League Baseball, across the country and here in Fredericksburg. We love that moniker.”

The club sports a few alternate logos. One of them is George Washington swinging an ax. Washington grew up in the Fredericksburg area before he went off to fight the War of Independence.

The uniforms will be unveiled at a later time.



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