This blog is mainly about Dutch baseball. But I will also write about other baseball related topics like minor league baseball, major league baseball and baseball in general.

On the world wide web I am known as yankeebiscuitfan, a diehard baseball fan from the Netherlands. I am an avid Yankee fan, but I also like the Montgomery Biscuits and several other Major and Minor League teams.

I have played baseball for ten years. I was forced to stop playing because of a shoulder injury. Writing about baseball is the best thing next to playing the game.

Enjoy your stay on this blog and feel free to post a comment.

P.S. Everything that I write on this blog is on a personal note and does not represent the opinion of the KNBSB, MLB, MiLB or others that I am writing about.

8 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi- do you know if pitcher Sem Robberse will be on the Dutch team competing in Grosseto, Italy next month for the 18-under qualifier?
    Thanks 🙂
    – Darcy


  2. Hi,

    I send this message because your blog does not contain an email option, thus this is the only way I know to reach you..

    I ran across a June 2, 2016, post of yours. The headline was “CEB, baseball popular in Europe?” The opening sentence of the post was, “Recently, I bumped into this stat, showing the decline of baseball players in Europe..”

    My problem is that the post did not show the statistics on my Chrome reader. Could you send me a link to the stat? Or, do you have other stats since then? I am interested in club rosters, rather than just first-team rosters.

    Very candidly, it appears from that June article you and I share a distaste for the KNBSB’s management style and the attitude embodied by the Esselman guy. I’m an American where I’ve coached 40 years (mostly at 2-year colleges in the Midwest, mid-South and in California). I have an interest in seeing the game strengthened in Europe. I have coached there as an MLB envoy and as manager of a national top-league team. I largely agree with your post of 2/6/16 regarding the EBL. I did not see the EBL as succeeding but I saw no reason to prevent it, and I also saw the main difficulties as Esselman and the KNBSB.

    I have come to very much like the Dutch people. To the contrary, I dislike the KNBSB. In my experience, they are untrustworthy and they waste FAR more energy and resources on posturing and political maneuvering instead of improving the quality of play. If there is a decline in participation, I believe it is because the average player does not enjoy sufficient instruction in the game, nor a reasonable chance to win.

    I’m sorry; I did not intend to bore you with a long lecture. Thank you for considering this and for your help in a common goal.


  3. hi help please. my son and I will be in amsterdam 21/9-30/9 and he is a baseballer from Aust. I know we miss the season there but is there anything baseball he could participate in or visit. I was told there was a museum but I can’t find it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated


    1. What kind of museum do you mean?
      There are several clubs in Amsterdam but since you have to be on the roster of the teams, he cannot just participate. It would be against the rules and clubs could be fined if they add him to their roster.


  4. I love this website. I am an American, but I have Dutch ancestry so I have interest in Dutch sport. This is a great website because I have great interest in the Dutch national team and Dutch baseball in general.


    1. Thank you. First of all I started to write to have an outlet. I like it very much to write. Second of all my intention was to show the world that Dutch baseball isn’t the pushover that it once was. But it is clear that without the players from Aruba, Curacao and the other Dutch Carribean islands, Dutch baseball would not have been where it is now.


  5. Beste…,

    ik lees dat groot Yankee fan bent. Ik heb wat spullen van de Yankees (en andere MLB teams) liggen die ik wil verkopen. Oa een Yankees replica kampioensring van 2000. Als je interesse hebt, dan hoor ik dat graag via mervinmunnecom@hotmail.com


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